Wednesday, May 13, 2009

At Last!

What a day!!

I woke up early, got to work making sure to finish everything and tying up loose ends, went to the hospital for pre-op, went to airport with Jason to get my in-laws and now am home about to pack my bag for the hospital.

I can't believe the time has finally arrived. Our little lady will be here tomorrow some time between 11 and 11:45.

I have been very very anxious about the surgery. I know I have posted before how incredibly terrified I am of having to give birth in this manner but I have been feeling very at east over the last couple of hours. I guess it has finally sunk in that this is it. This is the way I have to have her. There is no other option. And to be honest, she's pretty happy where she is and hasn't even begun to make her move out of her warm waterbed so unless I want to be pregnant another month this is it.

We went for pre-op and got to speak to the nurses. Of course I've been speaking with my doctor over the last several weeks specifically about the procedures and such but talking with the nurses made me feel even more at ease. Nurse Meghan heard Jason talk and asked where he was from. Turns out her family is from England so they go every other year for the summer. Amazing how a change of subject helps to get the mind off of what's really causing you stress.

Still no name. I'm hoping to meet her tomorrow and look into her face and see what she should be called. We HAVE to come up with something. They won't let us leave without naming her.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow and Friday. Hopefully I will be home on Saturday afternoon. I am so excited about how our little family is growing. Will this little lady of ours ever know how much I love her even though she isn't even here yet? I'm such a lucky woman to have my wonderful family. From my parents and in-laws to my siblings and their spouses. But especially my husband and son and soon my daughter. My heart is so full of love and thanks right now.

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  1. Oh I think it's going to be hard for me to sleep tonight jsut thinking about you. I am soooo excited for you. I wish I was heading in with you in the moring to bring home another lil Monkey! YOU Must take plenty of photos of her so we can get a good look at her. Then post them ASAP. Good Luck with the name I know she will look just like one of those cute names you mentioned. You are in my thoughts and praers!
    Love you...
    Hope I can be of Service for you. Please let me know what would be the most helpful. I can cook all meat meals. I will leave the Fruits and Veggies OUT!
    Good Luck!


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