Friday, May 8, 2009

Boy Oh Boy!

It's a BOY!!!!!

Casey and Mark are having a boy. What a fun day yesterday was. I woke up earlier then usual. Got my shower and headed into Orange Park to the doctor's office. We waited. Finally they called Casey's name and her and Mark went to the room for the Ultrasound. A couple minutes later the Tech came and got me and my parents and we went back and got to see baby Gentle. The picture was a little grainy so Casey had to tell us the results. I was overjoyed! I love little boys. They have such a wonderful bond with their mothers. I am so excited for Casey and Mark and the journey they are taking. I will admit, I came home and did some online shopping. This little guy is going to love what his Auntie Cassie got him. Later that evening we had a fun shopping trip to Babies R Us. Me and Casey went and then Mark met us up there and shortly after that Jason came up. Our buggy filled with pink, Casey and Mark's with blue. SO FUN!

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  1. It was fun! Again, so glad you were there with us. Love you tender. Can't wait to see all that pink in action! :) 5.5 more days.


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