Thursday, December 3, 2009

Justice for Somer

Our small community was hit with tragedy. Somer Thompson was walking home from school and was taken. This happened literally right around the corner from not just my childhood home, but the home I moved back into with my son and sister in adult life and the home my brother, Joseph, still lives in. On the day of Somer's funeral Georgia and I went to the cemetary and stood on Blanding Boulevard, in front of the cemetary, with our purple balloons, waiting for Somer to go past so we could release them. The Clay County Sheriff's office and Jacksonville Sheriff's office were out in full force!

Most of the community was able to come out and wish Somer and her family well. Those who couldn't make it certainly had her in their thoughts. The Clarkson family prays the person or people responsible for this tragedy are found and brought to justice.

Side Note - my tushy is now famous. I didn't make the news but my rear did! Well, it is my best side, ask my husband. :)


  1. How wonderful that you could be a part of are such a wonderful person Cassie!

  2. That is a great photo of you and Georgia! How fun to have a Famous Rear! You are the Best! I heard about your AMAZING cake at Young Womens!

  3. I Still can not believe that such a thing could happen. I love the picture of you and Georgia, she is a cutie! Well her Momma is a cutie as well and aparently so is your rear! I am glad you and your rear were there to show her family support and love. The more I get to know you the more I love you!


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