Saturday, March 13, 2010

What will $10 get you??

How about a trip to New York City with some of your best buds!!!!

One of my bestest buds, Angela, called and said they found flights for 10 bucks each way and her and our other friend Lisa were going to go. She asked if I wanted to come along. When does Cassie ever say NO to a New York trip? For those who may not know, New York City is my favorite place on this planet!! Then Angela added in that Lisa's husband could get us a free hotel room. Wait, $10 flights and a free hotel?? I called my dear sweet husband who said, ok, go, so off we went! We left from Orlando early early Tuesday morning and came back even earlier on Wednesday morning. 24 hours in New York is heaven to me!

We rode the subway (alot!)

We walked the entire width of Central Park (1/2 mile)

While in Central Park we passed the Ampitheatre, Strawberry Fields, Imagine Mosaic, the big Fountain, the Boat House and a lot New Yorkers enjoying thier backyard

Me and Georgia at Grand Central terminal

Me and my Georgia

On the 6 (I'm still Jenny from the Block)

Lisa and her cute little Creed trying to get a nice Mommy and Son picture in Times Square that I just had to jump through!
Thank you Lisa for finding the flights and hotel. Thank you Angela for thinking of me and inviting me. Thank you Karen for coming along and helping us blend in as New Yorkers!!
I won't forget.....
2:30 Wake Up
Georgia and Savannah playing on the plane
Deron, from Jamaica (the island or the part of Brooklyn?)
Juniors for breakfast
Purple purses and Cupcakes for lunch, yep I'm hip!
Walking the mountains in Central Park
Creed streaking through Central Park
Taking strollers up and down the subway stair entrances
$1.00 pizza YUM
Wishing my sister would show up any minute and surprise me
Showing some of my friends the city I love so much
Spending time with Angela, Lisa and Karen


  1. That sounds like HEAVEN! I want to know where you found those tickets...? That is AMAZING! Love seeing you in your Favorite Place. You were Glowing! The photos of you and Georgia are so Cute! Dang she is getting big and Beautiful!
    Miss you and your Love for life! So Happy you were able to go Play!

  2. I was wishing I would show up and surprise you at any moment, too! You have no clue how many times I looked up prices. It was ridiculous. I certainly missed it. But I won't miss next time. We're going next spring-without babies (unless we have new babies). You are my favorite part on NYC!

  3. No fair! i am totally jealous!!!


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