Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 31, 2010

Today I am grateful for time.

I am humbly and tremendously grateful for time.

I was fortunate enough to spend all day with my Daddy yesterday. We spent almost 10 hours together. We drove downtown and went to the Georgia-Florida game. After the game, and overtime :) we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. It was just him and I. We've never been to the Georgia-Florida game together but Daddy and I certainly bonded over Gator football as I was growing up. 10 hours is a long time. A year ago, or even a few weeks ago, 1o hours with ANYONE would have seemed like a daunting task but I enjoyed every minute. There are too many people who no longer have time. Their moms, dads, grandparents and even their kids are gone. Not to be together again in this life. Time is precious. Of all the things in the world I have, I would give it all for just a little more time. Oh the questions I would ask. The love I would give. The service I would gladly perform. My granny knew about time. If she knew I was coming over she would make my favorite for me, fried chicken and chocolate cake. She would "reward" me for giving her time. My grandpa knew it as well. He would complain if I didn't give him more of my time. Admittedly I was selfish with it at that point in my life. Time, what a gift.

Yes, I am incredibly grateful for time.

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