Wednesday, December 15, 2010

19 Months

Yesterday Georgia turned 19 months! What a little grown up she is trying to become! I love how she tries to talk. She can go on and on in her babble and she just knows she is telling us something we should understand. She has the absolute sweetest voice! I could sit and listen to her for hours. (Probably a good thing since once they start, they don't stop.) She hates to be told NO! Oh how she will scream if me or Daddy tell her no. She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She has recently found Chocolate. OMG the lengths she will go to for chocolate. Her favorite? Like a true Daddy's girl she loves peanut butter cups. If I have any in the candy dish on top of the counter she will go, stand at the counter, reach for it and cry until we give her a piece. Yesterday Georgia and Daddy were cleaning out the closet and she found Daddy's OLLLLDDD Easter basket still full with chocolate. She brought it into the den and was trying to eat through the wrappers. Georgia loves to climb. I was washing dishes and heard her giggle only to look up and see her sitting on top of our kitchen table. She keeps me on my toes!
I am so grateful to Jason for working so hard so I can stay home and raise our children. Christian is excelling in school and Georgia is growing by leaps and bounds. I don't have to miss a thing.

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