Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday's Tale

So maybe you would enjoy a cute story and I thought, what better day than a Tuesday for a tale from my life.

Several years ago, when Christian was around 6, he found Elvis. Somehow he was in his room watching TV on Elvis' birthday weekend and stumbled upon some channel running nonstop Elvis stuff. He fell in love! He LOVES Elvis. So much so that for Christmas Santa brought him one of those life-size cardboard cutouts of the King and he wanted it in his room. Hilarious! Anyway, he found Elvis and wanted to watch anything and everything Elvis related. If you asked him who Elvis was he would respond with a very enthusiastic "Elvis is the KING!". So one day, in the evening after Christian went to bed, I went to the kitchen. OK - I admit it - I finished off the bag of Oreos. Who wouldn't? They were calling my name. Seriously, the bag was almost gone and I would be buying more. So I threw away the bag and thought nothing of it. The next morning as we were getting ready for our day Christian was throwing something away and noticed the empty package. With eyes almost in tears he said "Mommy, what happened to the Oreos" and wanting to be as truthful as possible I said "it was a ghost!" All the sudden he was bright eyed and said "The ghost of Elvis!" ......

And that my friends is how the ghost of Elvis has become my (frequent) scapegoat!


  1. I personally LOVE the ghost of Elvis.

  2. That is too cute. He and Linda Wheeler share a common passion.


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