Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday's Tale

I don't remember Christian's exact age but we lived in Fleming Island so we're talking somewhere between 7 and 10, dress himself age. He was diagnosed with ADHD and we had to go to the doctor every couple of months for medicine renewals. This particular appointment was actually for a well child visit.

I picked him up from school and we went to the doctor. His name was called and we were off to the back. They weighed him, checked his height, eyes and ears (not sure how they missed the hearing loss all those years but, whatever!) and we went to the room. The nurse checked all his vitals and as she was walking out of the room she said "The doctor will be right in. Please have him strip down to his underwear." Normal, right? As soon as she walked out I looked at Christian to tell him to start taking his clothes off when I noticed the color had left his face.

Me - "Come on, Son. Get down to your underwear"
Son - "But Mommy, I'm not wearing any underwear"
Me - *dumbfounded looking*

The doctor comes in, I (through laughter and embarrassment) tell her the boy ain't got no undies on and without batting an eye she says.... "Happens ALL THE TIME! It would shock you the amount of naked boys we get in here."

And that my friends is why we never leave the house without an undie check!


  1. Haha! Too funny! I wonder if I need to start doing undie checks with Dallin :)

  2. LOL! I've been surprised by my kids going commando a few times, too.


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