Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Poem About Christian

Here is a copy of a "poem" Christian (my 14 year old!!) wrote about himself for Language Arts.

Line 8 - what he "needs" is what has me the most cracked up. This "poem" makes me feel happy, hyper and hyper again! It would appear my "humble" little man has his ego in check..... I sure do love that boy of mine!! Enjoy!!

Christian A.
is kind, hyper, and a gamer
Child of Cassie and Jason Clarkson
Sibling of (she’s little) Georgia
Friend of (brothers) Kyle and Connor Bricks.
Who loves my sister, mom, and dad
Who feels happy, hyper, hyper again
Who needs food, a mini guide to girls, and books
Who gives work, service and good gaming scores
Who fears NOTHING
Who would like a new PSP, a new book and food
Who shares everything (or wants to.)
Who is awesome
Who is a resident of Florida

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  1. He is such a MESS! I love that boy. He should start writing poems for all the family members. ;)

  2. He really is a wonderful young man! And one of my favorites out of all the young men at church. : )

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  7. Great poem by your son! Not something I would generally expect from a 14 year old boy! I'm your latest follower from the Friday Blog Hop! Stop on by if you get a chance!

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