Sunday, May 8, 2011

Church Sign Sunday - Mother's Day Edition

Happy Mother's Day!!

Every Sunday I post a sign from a church. We have some really great ones around here. So, here it is. Church Sign Sunday - Mother's Day Edition.

Surprise Mom

Go To Church
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  1. He he! Cute! Thanks for sharing! I love the sayings on church signs, but I have to say that sometimes they get a little too witty and I get distracted while driving my car because I'm trying to figure them out! LOL I'll be staring at the church sign instead of looking at the road, thinking, "Wait... what does that say?"

    I'm following from the Sundae Hop! Come by my blog if you get a chance! I write a humorous look at the joys, trials, and tribulations of motherhood at

    It's usually good for a laugh, and sometimes a snort or two! Hope to see you there!



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