Sunday, May 1, 2011

Church Sign Sunday

Is it really Sunday already?

What a weekend! Starting off the weekend with a beautiful Royal Wedding. Then Saturday I spend a lovely day with the Englishman and our little lady. My son stayed home because he's 14 and too cool to be hanging with us common folk on a Saturday. Then today, went to church then skyped with the in-laws in England. Now everyone is napping so I have a moment of quiet.

This week's church sign is brought to you by the Englishman. They don't really have church signs where he's from and to be here, in the South, in the middle of the Bible Belt, it's like he's died and gone to comedy heaven! So, Good lookin out and fist pumps to the Englishman.

Don't worry

Even Moses was a basketcase

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  1. Nice one! My all time favorite (thus far) that I've seen is, "Staying in bed shouting 'Oh God' does not constitute going to church".

  2. Haha, LOVE that saying. Too funny! I am really glad you linked up to the Storytellers Blog Hop! Sounds like you had a great weekend too.

  3. I love church signs!! I don't see them anymore in my neck of the woods.....following you from the I Love My Friends blog hop, I hope you follow back :-)

  4. Love the sign! I just followed you so please follow me back.


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