Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I've been gone.....

And I can't even really promise I'm back......

You see, I used to LOVE blogging. Everything about it. I loved reading about you and your lives. I loved telling you about mine. I enjoyed commenting and being commented on. I found the blogging world to be uplifting and interesting. Helpful towards each other. Insightful. Fun!

Then the bomb dropped.

We've all been there. Everything in your world seems to be good and then some "anonymous" commenter posted a nasty comment and sent my blogging world into a downward spiral.

Complete. Writers. Block.

Even now, as I'm typing, I'm finding it very difficult to find the right words. I was going to be happy just sinking into the background. I wasn't even going to post about "anonymous" in the hopes it would just go away, but you know what? I'm stronger than that. And maybe facing "anonymous" will help end my mental block and get me back into the good graces of my blogging friends.

The thing is I put myself out there. I'm not afraid to show who I am. If I have a problem with you,  I will tell you. Usually one on one because no matter my problem with you I have respect for people. You will not catch me hiding behind "anonymous". So, if you want to make some rude, snide, nasty comment about or to me, grow some cohones, take off the mask, and talk to me. One on one. But be warned ~ you better bring it!

Oh, I almost forgot. My dear, sweet "anonymous", I know who you are. Don't think for one second I am "in the dark".

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  1. I know it is easier said than done but don't let anyone's opinion effect your happiness. I for one enjoy your posts. Your are a wonderful, fantastic, loving, beautiful person, and a true personal friend to me. It's okay to have writer's block from time to time so don't let that pressure build up making you feel that you have to post something. Let it come to you and when it does, I will always be a fan! You're Awesome!

    1. Nathan, you are a gem and a true friend. :-)

  2. I've missed your posts, so I hope we will get to hear from you more often!

  3. I'm sorry someone was so mean to you. It's a shame that people can't find better things to do with their time than to be mean. I was always taught that if you can't say something nice then say nothing at all.

  4. Yeah... I was sooooo excited to see a new blog post from you then sad to hear you hadn't been posting cause of hurt feelings. You know I have your back.. I'm ready to go toilet paper someone's house next time I'm in town! Keep our chin up n know you are loved!! I need some more funny blog posts from you and your sista!! So jump on it!! Love you! Xo


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