Thursday, March 5, 2009

12 Year Olds.....

The other night Jason and I were sitting in the living room enjoying some TV when we started to smell something very strong. It was sufficating us. We could tell it was coming from Christian's room and if you haven't been to my house then let me explain. Christian's room, while close to the living room, is still a little distance away. I thought we were going to choke. We asked Christian what was going on and he said he sprayed his Axe deodorant spray. Ahh, of course. He must have used the entire can. I asked him to turn on the ceiling fan, which only made it worse because now the fan was pushing it out the door. Jason had to go in and open Christian's window and close his door, that way the fan would push the smell out the window instead of into the rest of the house. Now, this isn't because I'm pregnant and my senses are on overload, this really was taking our breath away. We explained to Christian that too much of a good thing is still, TOO MUCH! I personally had a laugh from it. My poor son, trying so hard not to stink. So, then on Tuesday night I went off with my sister for a little bit and when I came home I closed the garage door as usual and we all went to bed. When we got up on Wednesday morning we were leaving through the garage and noticed the door was still up. Now I know I closed the door. As I was driving the car our of the garage I noticed one of Christian's toys in the way of the garage door which would not have allowed the door to close all the way. Something we have to keep reminding him of. Jason moved the toy and we went about our day making a mental note to talk to Christian about it yet again when he got home. When Christian got home from school I reminded him it was laundry day and to get his sheets off his bed. Again, the laundry room is not exactly close to his bedroom but has soon as he started walking towards me the smell came back. I almost gagged. I shot him a look and without saying anything to him he said, I promise Mommy I didn't spray my Axe again. Ok, so he noticed the smell too then. Hmmmm. So I calmly asked, want to explain why the smell is so strong? Then the truth came out. He began to tell me he didn't actually spray himself the other night, he sprayed his sheets, not just his sheets, but also his bed. So he removed his sheets, sprayed his mattress, then put the sheets back on, sprayed the sheets, then put the comforter on and sprayed that. Then when all that was said and done he sprayed the room. Ahh, Clarity! He apologized and looked scared, as if he expected me to get really upset. Truth is, I was laughing so hard on the inside I couldn't even muster a mad look. All I could say was, ok, well, just don't do it again. He hugged me, I'm assuming out of gratitude I didn't do or say anything meaner to him and walked out of the laundry room. About an hour later Jason came in and I was in the kitchen and as soon as he walked in the back door I heard "Christian, I thought we told you not to spray anymore of that stuff!" I leapt out of the kitchen and told Jason he didn't spray anything else. Christian seriously thought he had done something very wrong. He came out of his room and his eyes met mine and he asked in almost a whisper, "are you gonna tell dad?" and no sooner could he get the words out Jason asked "did he spray his bed or something?" That was when I started laughing uncontrolably and said, yes, he sprayed his bed the other night. Jason looked at Christian and just smiled. He looked at me and then started laughing. We had just a little bit of time to get ready for scouts and I had a meeting at church also so we all gathered in the car and as we were pulling out of the driveway Jason remembered the issue with Christian's toy and started to remind him that he had to put it in the garage all the way or else the door won't close. He said, "Christian, if the door stays open all night then someone can come right into our house in the middle of the night and your bedroom is the first one they would get to. But then again, the smell would suffocate them!" We laughed all the way to scouts.


  1. That's why I love Christian! :) There's always a good story to tell.

  2. and what's with the eharmony music?


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