Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby Face

She's got the cutest little Baby Face!!

We went and had a 4D Ultrasound today and got to sort of see our baby girl. She was being very shy. She wasn't happy about having her photo taken. I think she gets that from her Mam-Maw! My mother thinks she takes horrible pictures. If only my mom knew how cute she really is.

We went for the Ultrasound and took my parents and Jason's parents with us. They had a nice big room for everyone to sit comfortably and they projected the ultrasound on a big screen so everyone could see. There were so many oohs and ahhs. Mainly from the women. (of course) We spent quite a bit of time trying to get her to remove her face from the placenta and let us take a good look at her but she was very comfortable.

The technician had me walk around and bounce and she poked and proded, all trying to get our little lady to remove her face from the placenta and let us take just a quick look at her. Well, she finally did, and what do you think we saw?

Here she is, with her hand over her face! She was really trying to maintain her mysterious status. She knows how excited I am and how much I really want to see her beautiful little face so she was playing games with us. Typical!

Once we finally did see her little face Jason's mom said she looks like her daddy. I wouldn't be upset with that. I just hold hope that one of these days I will have one that resembles me just a little!


  1. That is so funny that she was hiding almost the whole time. She is going to be super cute. No worries about that.

  2. I love her! Can't wait to kiss those full cheeks of hers. Yay Abby Gracie!


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