Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The British Are Coming!

My in-laws have FINALLY arrived.

They are a blast to have around. It has been non-stop action around this house. Friday they went shopping around town for several hours, Saturday we went looking at cribs, Sunday we had a fantastic English Sunday Dinner, Monday Jason and his dad started painting Baby Girl Clarkson's room and then we had dinner at Longhorn with My brother, John and his family and my sister, Casey and her family, then today my dad came by and the boys finished painting the nursery and now we are off for some YUMMY beef stew at Mom and Dad Gullett's house.

An "English Sunday Dinner" consists of Roast (usually beef, occasionaly lamb), broccoli and cauliflower, Potatoes, both mashed and roasted and Yorkshire Pudding. Yorkshire pudding is NOT like a pudding cup. It is a pastry of sorts. Almost like a really puffy and light biscuit that you eat with gravy. Difficult to master if you are American, I promise you that. My mother in law, Joan, has been gracious enough to try and teach me the ins and outs of yorkshire pudding for I fear if I don't get it soon my husband may leave me. He literally handed me a pen and told me to "take notes". My parents came down and we all had dinner together. It was a really nice Sunday afternoon.

Everything was gobbled up so fast I didn't have time to get an "after picture". All we had was empty plates. I'm so grateful for my wonderful new family and the love and happiness they bring into my life. They really are top notch!!


  1. Looks like fun and sounds very yummy. You'll have to post all your extensive instructions on how to make Yorkshire pudding so that we can all give it a try too.


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