Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies!

Our family added new members!!! We are proud to welcome Bonnie and Clyde into our lives. They have already brought us much joy and poop! They certainly keep us on our toes. Bonnie is 9 weeks old and although the older of the two she is the smaller. Clyde is 6 weeks old and he is a pudgy little bundle of joy. My favorite thing to do is kiss their belly and rub their ears. Beagles have the most wonderful ears. Our new babies smell so sweet and we just love having them around. As with most babies they spend a lot of their time sleeping. It's really funny to watch them. Last night Jason and I were trying to keep them up a little longer so they would sleep through the night. Jason had Clyde on his back playing with his belly and the next thing you know Clyde was fast asleep.

As Bonnie is just a tad bit older she can stay awake for just a bit longer. She has found her favorite nap spot. During the day when Jason is gone to work and I am here in the office at the house both of the babies like to come in and just hang out with me. I have a box of checks that sits next to my desk and she has figured out she is just big enough to fit in and nap comfortably

This is such a fun life!!

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  1. They are cute! I hope they continue to be healthy and fun. They certainly have a better life than my brother in law's dogs. They stay in a pen all day until its hunting time.


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