Thursday, April 9, 2009

Family is Everything!

It's been a while since I've posted anything so I figured there's no time like the present.

Last weekend we had a baby blessing in Palatka to go to. I love baby blessings. There is so much hope and love with a new baby. This little guy is my cousin Justin's son. His name is Justin Jr. and he is the cutest little thing. I was holding him during sacrament and my dad was sitting beside me and the more my dad talked to him the more little Justin laughed and cooed and so the cycle began. I'm not sure who was having more fun but it really helped open my eyes to the love grandparents feel for their grandbabies. I hated to give little Justin back but knowing our baby will be the next one in the family blessed made things a little easier for me.

Speaking of our baby.....

We went and had the third trimester ultrasound on Wednesday (yesterday) the 8th of April and she is measuring 5 1/2 pounds with a due date of May 17th. Her original due date was May 20th so we were still right in the same range. I had my check up today and found out my belly is measuring 36 weeks which may put me delivering a week prior to my due date but I'm late to everything so why should my daughter be any different? As it is Spring Break Christian was able to go with Jason and I to the ultrasound and then again to my doctor's appointment today. He got to see the baby and hear the heartbeat. He was really excited about both.

Speaking of Christian.....

We had his first follow up appointment today and he is healing really well. They took off his green cast and took the pin out of his wrist. Not a sight for quesy stomachs like mine! He pulled through it again like a champ. They put another cast on. This new cast isn't as long as the other. His thumb isn't covered so he's able to start moving that around and the cast doesn't go up his arm anymore. It goes just to his elbow. He also got to pick his color. They had more than a rainbow to choose from. Red, white, green, blue, dark blue, orange, pink, purple, yellow and on and on. He chose red, his favorite color.

Today is also an important day for the John and Faye Gullett family. Today is my little brother, Joshua's birthday.

He would have been 32 today. Joshua was born April 9, 1977. He was a year and a half younger then me. 10 short weeks later Josh passed away as a result of SIDS more commonly known as cribdeath. Although I don't have any memories of Josh, outside of him being in his casket, he has made such an impact on this family. My mother decided she was going to be with her baby again and she knew what she had to do to make it happen. She told my dad and he was on board as well. Although not active members of the church at the time of his death on October 12, 1978, a year and a half after his passing, my family went to the Washington DC temple and were sealed. My Pap-Paw Gullett stood as proxy for Josh. I wish I had more memories of this time period. I love to hear my mom and dad talk about their Josh. My older brother and I have light hair and eyes. My eyes are brown but they are a light brown and Johnny has blue eyes. My mom, for those who don't know, has red hair and hazel eyes. My dad is the complete opposite. Dark hair, black eyes. Josh was their dark haired, black eyed baby. He was going to look like my dad's side of the family. He was a Gullett! All the pictures of him are beautiful. My mom has somewhat of a journal entry that says her favorite time of the day was first thing in the morning. Josh slept with mom and dad most of the time and when he would wake in the morning mom and dad would spend an hour in bed with him. They would play with him and watch him. Kiss him and love him. I'm sure there was a little blowing on the belly being played. He had his first "real" smile at two weeks, probably during one of these morning play sessions. To this day my parents relish that time. I'm so grateful to my parents and the example they have shown me. Every day, every where, every minute, family was the most important thing. I'm not sure if this was something they learned from their parents growing up or if it was the loss of a child that makes you realize the truly important things but family was everything. Correction, Family IS everything. Josh is a part of this family and there isn't a family gathering that happens without us thinking of him. It's not something we verbalize but I know I think of him often and if I am, I know everyone else is as well. I can look at my mother, into her beautiful eyes, and know she is thinking about my brother. I know she can't wait to see him again. I know he's waiting for her. Our Father in Heaven has promised my mother this spirit and I know he would never go back on a promise.

Family is Everything!


  1. Are you working on your segues??? Sure seemed very Doug Benson to me! Nice job. And very nice things you wrote about our Angel brother! Love it!

  2. I am so glad that Christian is doing so well! And thank you so much for sharing that sweet story of your younger brother. I have a brother that is waiting in heaven for my family too. Family reunions in heaven are going to be awesome!!


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