Saturday, April 11, 2009

Have I ever mentioned my best friend?

Yep, that's my sister! She knows I love her. She knows she's my best friend. But does she know how much I need her?

Here are some things I love about my sister. Remember, this is a very, VERY short list. I could go on and on and on and on......

1. She has the brightest personality. Everyone who meets her loves her.

2. She is so dang funny. She keeps me in stitches.

3. She loves the Gospel and helps me to understand our Heavenly Father's plan.

4. She is the BEST AUNT EVER. My son just hears her name and gets excited.

5. She is so thoughtful. She is always thinking of others. Always serving others. I marvel at how her mind works when it comes to being in the service of her fellow man.

6. She is kind. Always with something sweet to say to brighten someone's day.

7. She is smart. I wonder if she realizes how smart she is? Some think I'm the bookish one in our family but it only takes 2 minutes of talking to Casey to see how incredibly intelligent she is.

8. She is talented. I love to listen to her sing. I know my parents do as well.

9. She is sincere. I've never heard her make a comment she wasn't 100% sincere about.

10. She is beautiful. I can't look at her without thinking Snow White. Beautiful dark hair and eyes. Her skin isn't quite white as snow but you get the picture. She can wear her hair up or down, she can be dressed for church or jeans and a t-shirt, she always looks great!

11. She is an awesome cook/baker. She makes some of the best stuff. I don't even have the guts to try any of her receipes. I stick to Chocolate Chip Cookies.

12. She is the most amazing sister. Anything I need she is right there for me. No questions. No excuses. Just a simple what do you need? Followed up with a No Problem.

I've already posted on her pregnancy and upcoming "human" mommyhood so I won't go too far into detail on that again but I know she is going to make the best mom. I'm a little jealous on behalf of my new baby coming. I'm sure when they called the spirits to the front of the line, my dauther, in true Cassie fashion, skipped ahead in line and got me. Had she kept her place she may have been lucky enough to get sent to my sister. Oh how lucky Baby Gentle is. How lucky we are to have been sent Casey. She has blessed our family in so many ways! I love you, Sister!

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  1. First of all...Love Shack came on when I opened this up! So that should tell you something. You're too good! I truly appreciate all the nice things you wrote! When I can get the tears out of my eyes (thanks to pregnany hormones and my sister who is ALWAYS great with her words)I will find the words. I love you so much! Thanks for being my best friend!


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