Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Final Countdown?

Called my doctor's office to confirm we are all set for Monday the 11th and the response I got was not what I wanted to hear. I have spent the last 33 years doing everything necessary to AVOID surgeries of any kind. So much so that when they did my C-Section when I had Christian they had to put me under because I was so freaked out by it. So I have been quietly anxious and have really only told those closest to me how very scared I really am. Guess I'm now telling my secrets. So when I called the doctor the girl said, oh we called the hospital and they are booked already so we need to know what day you would like. I told them I would prefer to do it sooner rather than later. Once you've had a C-Section and you have to do it again they try to do it 1-2 weeks in advance of your due date so you don't run the risk of going into labor. The way they see it is, why labor if you don't have to. I can see the point. So she called me back to let me know the soonest they could do it would be May 14th. WHAT? Are you kidding me? Now I have even more time to sit back and contemplate everything. My emotions are in high gear. May 14th is only 3 days from my due date so there is a chance I could go into labor before then. I'm not sure if I'm hoping I do, cause then they would have to move up the C-Section, or if I want to make it to the 14th. Again, why labor if I don't have to? I love my doctor but this last month has been so stressful I'm not sure I could recommend his office. I'm so glad to have a wonderful support system to help me through this.


  1. Girl, this is killing me! I want to meet that little lady and kiss her beautiful cheeks. Let's just get past Saturday and we'll be great! Just breathe deep and hold on for a fun ride!

  2. That is crazy that they would schedule it so close to your due date! We'll be praying for you that no matter when it happens everything will go smoothly and you'll both be perfect and healthy!

  3. That Dr. needs to be Dropped kicked! Ahhh! I am soo sorry. Use these extra days as Vacation... no cooking, cleaning laundry. Kick your feet up order some pizza and watch some good movies! Good Luck!
    Love you!


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