Wednesday, July 15, 2009

From the Mouth of Babes

Christian left Saturday for Scout Camp in North Carolina. He will be gone an entire week. This is the first time I have ever been without him for this amount of time without him being with someone in my family AND me not being able to call him. The last time he was away from me for a solid week was mine and Jason's honeymoon 4 years ago but even then he was with my parents and I called daily. (if not more!) So we bought all his camping gear and come Saturday morning he was off. (Does he even realize I couldn't stand to leave the parking lot until him and his scout troop were leaving??) I called the Scout Master on Saturday to see how things were. He'd only been away from me for 7 hours. You know I never knew I was "THAT" mom. I laugh at those moms. Come on, you're kid is leaving for a week? ENJOY YOURSELF. That's what I would tell them. Now it's me and when my husband tries to say anything I bite his head off. Monday evening came around and Jason's phone rang. It was the Scout Master. Oh the emotions that went through my head in those short seconds before I answered the phone. Is he hurt? Is he OK? Has he broken something? WHAT'S WRONG?? Then I heard the sweetest sound I had heard in days. Hi Mommy. Oh the happiness that flooded me. Hi Son! What's going on? I'm drinking a Cherry Wine (a what??). That sounds awesome I told him. Then I said to him Christian, I miss you so much! Normally this is the point where he says I miss you too, Mommy but he didn't. What he said next will ring in my ears forever. Parents always wonder when did my baby grow up? Well, what he said will always scream to me that he is growing up whether I like it or not. Again, I said, Christian, I miss you so much. And he said, "I know!".


  1. girl, that's because your son is a mess! a wonderful mess, but a mess none the less! :)

  2. Oh, I can't believe you are being one of "those moms", you just don't seem the type. Me on the other hand, I miss my kids when we go out on a date!!!!!!!! I have issues I tell ya!

    I hope he has a wonderful time. I hear that scout camp is always an amazing experience!

  3. I love to hear that! You are amazing! Happy to see he made it home safe and sound!
    I love the new hair do... you are just glowing... new calling... new hair do... baby in hand... Magical!


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