Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Can you blame me for being so love with this little girl? Look at that face. That nose. Those cheeks. Lucious lips. BEAUTIFUL!
Every time I look at this picture of my beautiful baby girl my heart melts and I fall in love all over again. You know what I love most about my Georgia? She helped me realize a greater love then I ever knew existed. She has helped me to become closer to my Christian. She has brought me to a deeper love with my husband and she has helped me understand a greater love for my father in heaven. If my heart fills so full with two how must he feel with all of us? I am so thankful that he has allowed us to be parents so we can taste the sweetness.


  1. Oh she is sooo sweet! Our family LOVED our time we had to Love on her! She is so Perfect!
    I already miss you not having you with me on Sundays! Boo Hoo!

  2. Opps that was from me.... Kelly!

  3. She absolutely a slice of heaven! That's how we know Heavenly Father loves us so much!! Babies are our proof. LOVE that picture.


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