Monday, July 26, 2010

Youth Conference

I am really pretty terrible about posting. I need to make it a priority.

This past weekend Jason and I had the opportunity to go to Youth Conference which was held at the Marriott Southpoint. We had a BLAST! There were around 450 kids there. Our Bishop sent us with some money to get snacks for the Middleburg youth and boy did that come in handy!

The schedule was hectic, for the youth and the adults. Up all night and up early the next morning. On Friday Jason and I had floor duty. We had to man the 6th floor which was one of the boy floors. We had to make sure everyone had an armband and NO GIRLS ALLOWED! We were on the floor at 7 am and were relieved at 11 am. This put us there as the boys were going to and from breakfast and getting ready for the day. For fun we decided no one would be allowed past us without dancing. These boys (and a handful of adults, too) were such good sports. They would do their dance and be on their way. The chaperones after us decided to do it also. It was fun.

I was a little disappointed though. As a leader I was really hoping to have my spirit renewed, refreshed and recharged. I was expecting to feel something MAJOR! But I kinda didn't. It wasn't until yesterday that I realized (DUH) youth conference wasn't for me. It wasn't meant for me to go and have my spirit filled, not in the way I was expecting. It was my job to make sure the youth felt all those things. And in doing that I realized my spirit was renewed. Maybe not through the wonderful words of Elder Anderson, because I was chasing young women through the halls and bathrooms to make sure they got back in. Maybe not through the wonderful classes because Jason and I were in first aid making sure if anyone needed a band aid we could take care of them. My spirit was renewed in listening to the wonderful testimonies of our youth. My spirit was renewed through the friendships I built with other leaders and chaperones. My spirit is continually renewed as I help to bring our youth closer to our Heavenly Father.

Some of the things I will NOT miss about Youth Conference

1. Waiting for the elevator as 450 youth try to use it at the same time.
2. 1 am wake up calls.
3. Waiting in the longest lines ever for food. Whatever happened to the girl's camp rules of leaders first??
4. Early to rise, really late to bed.
5. Gullett BY MARRIAGE!

Some of the things I not forget

1. Finally being able to use the stairs. I never thought I could be so happy about stairs.
2. Getting to talk to Ian at all hours of the night. I may not like you calling me at 1 but I'll always answer. (even if you just need a cot!)
3. Spending so much uninterrupted time with my husband.
4. Making new friends and getting to know others better.
5. West Stake's meals were the best!
6. Delivering snacks to the Middleburg Youth at all hours of the night.
7. Watching our wonderful youth grow and learn and become closer to our Savior.


  1. I heard all about you making everyone do a dance for you, hotel staff included, to get on or off the elevator. Would love to have seen that! : )

  2. I also had an awesome time. I didn't mind the late nights and early mornings! The look of enjoyment on the youth's faces was worth it.And to know there are so many great youth in our church! Glad I got to have the experience. I can't wait for my girls to get to experience this!

  3. Wow are those yw lucky to have you! You Rock! I would have loved to see you and the kids and staff dance. They will never forget the FUN they had because of you. Miss you


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