Friday, July 2, 2010

Faith Fiesta

Feliz Faith Fiesta!!

That's Happy Faith Party to you and me, Russ.

Our value for June was Faith and we thought it would be fun to celebrate the end of the school year with a Faith Fiesta.

We made yummy, yummy Mexican food. We had chips and salsa, mexican mac n cheese, enchilladas and for dessert we had a cheesecake sopapilla and cherry empanadas.

Sis. Bryan prepared lots of faith based themes for pictionary. It was so much fun.

We've been asked to make this a yearly tradition. Sounds good to me!! Thank you Middleburg Young Women for inspiring us leaders to keep your activities fun and spiritial!!


  1. Sounds like my kind of party! Those girls sure are lucky to have such great leaders!

  2. Lovely pictures. I have a big dot on my forhead!Loved the food. Paul really loved the mac and cheese! Can't wait till the next party with the YW.


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