Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day we were invited to spend the day at my Uncle Jason's home with his family. We had a BLAST!! Thank you again Uncle Jason and Aunt Kim for inviting us into your home to spend the day with you all.

As you can see our Georgia LOVED the pool. I took her in and as soon as her feet hit the water she let out a HUGE giggle. She didn't stop smiling the entire time. Uncle Jason's pool, in my humble opinion, is the perfect setup for a family. It is the same depth on both ends and gets deeper in the middle. The entire pool is not deeper than about 5 feet so a parent in the pool with their child should not have any trouble. I pushed Georgia the entire length of the pool several times. She was so happy in the water.
Here is Christian diving for something. He had a great time as well. He swam and swam and swam.

Uncle JoJo took Georgia for a ride down the slide. There was a bit of a problem when they hit the water and Uncle JoJo was worried he harmed her, but in true Georgia fashion as soon as she caught her breath she was reaching out for him to do it again!!

Once we were all done swimming Uncle Jason took the remaining of his grandkids and Christian and Georgia inside for ice cream cones. He announced to all the kids that they could only have 3 servings of ice cream. So as soon as they finished one cone they asked for another. It was really funny to hear "Pap-Paw, I finished my ice cream" "OK grandson, you've had 1, that means you have 2 more left". Sure enough once they got to the 3rd he told them they were at the limit. One of his grandsons said "We always get junk food at Pap-Paws!"
After the ice cream my Uncle took us all upstairs to his theatre. (Yes, he actually has a theatre in his house) He had taken his old home movies and had them made into DVDs. He put one in and on the screen was my Pap-Paw. My Pap-Paw died in 1985. Instantly I had tears in my eyes. You never realize how much you miss someone until you see them again. Not only could I see him but I could hear him. Not only could I hear him but he was asked to say prayer. The sound wasn't the best quality but I could hear my Pap-Paw praying to our father in heaven. There are no words to describe how sweet the sound was.
I will remember this day until that day I am reunited with my Pap-Paw and can hear his voice again.
Happy Memorial Day to all our friends and family. We love you all so much. I am lucky to have not lost any family to a war but I am blessed to have had family on both sides of my family and in Jason's family serve in the military.


  1. You just have to love family and all the good times they bring with them. Love Georgia;s face in the pool....... she is a cutie!

  2. It really was a great day...and no babies were hurt while making these great memories, so even better! Love all the pictures and love you even more. :)


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