Friday, January 28, 2011

Cassie's New York

A friend is going to New York for the first time for a short period of time so I offered some help in where to go, what to eat, and how to get there. This list has, yet again, renewed my love affair with New York City and put me in an Empire State of mind! I don't know when I will get to go again but I'm getting desperate!!

So, I thought I would *try* to narrow down the top 10 reasons I love New York City. (in no particular order)

1. The moment your plane hits to ground you can just feel the electricity of the city. You can't help but get excited.
2. Food! Fabulous Food!
3. Neighborhoods that feel like little cities in the Big City. All the neighborhoods have their own distinct personality. The lower east side is hip and funky. The upper east side is posh (read *old money*). The upper west side is modern posh (read *new money*) Soho is bohemian. Chinatown is, well, Chinese! Even the NYPD officers AND missionaries are chinese and/or chinese speaking.
4. Whatever you want - it is here. You want a broom and some nails at 4:12 in the morning? You got it! Got a hankering for truly gourmet mac-n-cheese at 9:30 am? I got the place for you. Saw a shirt on a model in a magazine 3 years ago? I can show you where to go for that. Want to know what the newest make up trend is going to be in the coming year? I can get you that too.
5. The people are actually very friendly. Much friendly than their reputation.
6. Where else can you get history, drama, fashion, food, celebrity, and more in one 14 mile area?
7. Less really is more here. The more you have, the more you have to cram in a small area. Let's face it, no one but a New Yorker can have so little and still be so fabulous.
8. Public Transportation. I swear I LOVE the subways and buses. They don't just get you from place to place but they provide entertainment as well. People watching has never been as fun!
9. Delivery. This was extremely important when I lived there. Who wants to go buy a weeks worth of groceries and try to not only carry them home but then schlep them up four flights of stairs. Seriously, delivery, I heart you!
10. I love the person I become in New York. I am (more) fun and fearless.

Mayor Giuliani said one time that if you come to New York and find you walk a little quicker and with a spring in your step then you can consider yourself a New Yorker.

In my heart, although born a Florida Girl, I am a New Yorker!

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  1. I would love a trip with you to Show me around & Teach me the tricks! I think I'm a florida girl but stuck in Chicago... Have a wonderful weekend!


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