Sunday, March 6, 2011

Church Sign Sunday

So everyone has a "thing". I have been racking my brain trying to come up with "my thing". And finally it is here! Are you ready for this??? It's.......

Church Sign Sunday

We Southerner's really love our churches. Really. Love. Church. It wasn't until I married my totally not southern husband that I realized some of our church signs are, well, *funny*.

So every Sunday I will be posting the best sign I have seen in the last week. This week I didn't get a picture (cause it hit me I should do this once I said it out loud and the husband and I had a good giggle over it) but I will try and always have my camera on the ready.

This week's sign said

If you don't believe in Jesus you are
The Biggest Loser


  1. You gotta hit the one on 220 near Knight says something like "Our church is like fudge..sweet with a few nuts". Laurel Shaw told us about this one today, but didn't say where. When we were driving to take my nephew home...there is was! I LOVE to read those crazy signs. The Salvation Army place on 220 has some good ones every now and then too.

  2. Sounds perfect. There are lots of good ones around. The church that Mandy goes to preschool at on Old Jennings has some pretty good ones sometimes, so if you are needing one that might be a source sometimes for you. Although to be honest - I don't you'll run out of sources around here :)

  3. How funny! We have never seen such good one as we did when we were in Florida. They really bring it! I am looking forward to the next one!

  4. Lol ! Cracked me up.

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