Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sometimes Being Nice Does Not Pay

Yesterday I posted a sweet, lovely, inspiring conversation I had with a sweet, lovely, inspiring mature gentleman......(I think I just threw up in my mouth)

Go here to catch up if you haven't read it.

I know I should be more composed and the bigger person but instead I politely said (or possibly shouted) "I SAID I WAS SORRY - DON'T ROLL YOUR EYES AT ME!" And possibly some other forms of not niceness.

As I was checking out I noticed him at the Sam's cafe eating his lunch, alone, with his buggy full of his treasures from the hunt and I felt bad. I felt ashamed that I spoke unkindly to him and didn't have patience. So after I checked out, I walked to his table and looked him in the eyes and said "I'm sorry I spoke to you that way. I should have never done so" and then I smiled. Without missing a beat this sweet, lovely, inspiring mature gentleman looked up at me and said.....

"Get outta my d*mn face"

Already on my list for the next Sam's visit? My Husband!

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  1. Cassie, that sounds like something that would happen to me! What did you do?

  2. No wonder he was alone. He made his bed and is now lying in it, apparently unaware that it is his own sea of choices that put him there. I think he creates for us all the opportunity to examine ourselves and the choices we face each and every day. There is no set of circumstances in which we might find ourselves that we would hope for a life like his to be our same fate. May we find in his example the courage to stay faithful and positive lest we become as he is!

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  4. There goes my belief that kindness pays off

  5. Some people are so miserable that they can't see the good in anything or anyone.

    I feel sorry for them.

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  7. I would have been shocked and probably just walked away at this point only to complain about it to whomever would listen.
    But then I thought of this quote by Marjorie Hinckley, "Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
    He may just be a jerk, or he may be having a terrible week, or month. Maybe somewhere behind his crusty exterior is a sad man that will appreciate your kindness and feel guilty about the way he treated you.

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  11. It's truly amazing (and sad) how many miserable people you encounter -- kudos to you for being the bigger person and further insuring that you will NEVER be him one day!


  12. I'm so sorry but I chuckled. Especially after I went back and read what happened. I worked for a man who always said, "Where there are people there are "prodlins." I'm not sure why he couldn't pronounce the word correctly, but it sure made it stick in my mind.

    I'm a new follower and I love your blog design.

  13. i agree with the others...i feel sorry for him. you were the "bigger" person and it is too bad that he did not respond how he should have! keep your chin up!

    xo, shari
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  16. Really, you've got to laugh at that point. He is obviously pretty d*mn unhappy in life. Good for you for at least doing what you needed to to make things right on your end!

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  17. I have a tendency to do the same thing. Bend over backwards being nice to someone and then end up feeling bad because of their response. He must be a very unhappy person!

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  24. OH WOW!!! Well you have gotten a few comments on this baby! Well I'm proud of you for taking the higher road. You got a few extra points in heaven for being kind. That dude must have something Bad going on in his life.. and I mean BAD cause who does that? I wish I could go stalk Sams club with you looking for him. Well know no matter what that dude thinks or says the thompson family thinks you ROCK! I think you should seek him out each time you shop and give him a big grin and thumbs up! I love you!


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