Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Dishwasher Saved My Marriage

So when the Englishman and I said our vows he had to also vow to leave his family, job, and even his country. There are many, Many, MANY cultural differences between him and I and I've even remarked in Our Story about some language barriers (even though we both claim to speak English).

Not long after we were married I came home to a what I thought was a wonderful surprise. HE DID THE DISHES!!! How can anyone complain about that, right? Well, let me tell you....

As I got closer to the dishes drying on a towel I noticed something. Were dish soap bubbles draining off the dishes? Now, I'm not one to complain when my husband helps around the house. EVER. But this was a little different.

Me: "Um, Honey? Did you rinse these?"
Him: *dumbfounded look*
Me: "Why is there soap draining off the dishes?"
Him: *looking at my like I am an idiot* "I washed the dishes!"
Me: "I see that. Thank you! But did you rinse them?"
Him: "I washed them and put them out to dry!"
Me: "OK - but did you rinse them? You do rinse dishes, right?"
Him: "What's the problem?"
Me: "You didn't rinse the dishes so now when I go to have a drink I'll be drinking my water with a side of dish detergent."
Him: "It drains off, what's the problem?"

At this point we are both getting angry with each other - I don't know why he doesn't understand you have to rinse detergent off the dishes. Those dishes aren't exactly clean, right? You get what I'm saying! - He doesn't understand why I'm not getting that the dishes are clean and once dry are ready to be used.

Turns out, and this goes for many people in England, they don't rinse. They wash in one side of the sink and leave the dishes to drain on a rack in the other side of the sink.

I have since learned there is nothing wrong with doing dishes in this manner. The dishes are perfectly safe to use. (I mean, don't we all need a little cleaning on the insides every once in a while?)

Clarkson Household Rules - When in England - do as the English do. When at home - let the dishwasher do what it was made to do! (Including rinses the dishes!!!)

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  1. Hello there! Hopping by from Hop A Little Tuesday! I love the title of your blog! It tickled me pink! Now as to this post... I can relate totally! My hubby and I are two different people and do things so differently. Love conquers all.

  2. That is great! Thank Heavens you have a dishwasher! The small and simple things make life so good!

  3. Funny! Like you, I can't imagine NOT rinsing my dishes. That's a fun little British factoid. :-)

  4. Hi, love the look of your blog. Popped over from hop along tueday. I am your newest follower. Feel free to check me out on http://wouldliketobeayummymummy.blogspot.com

    Karen :-)

  5. Hi just popping in from Hop a little tuesday.
    Really like your blog and now following.
    Come visit me soon

  6. That is pretty funny... My Husband actually washes the dishes before he loads them into the dishwasher. I am much more lack on this then him but at least they are done lol. Hopping by from Hop A Little Tuesday.

  7. HA!!!! I had no idea! Ewwwww..... Who knew!? Do you think it's a water conservation thing? That was a great story.

  8. Hey! I'm here for Hop A Long Tuesday :) Feel free to hop on over to my blog anytime!


  9. Hi Cassie~ Following you from the Hop a Long Tuesday! Love your blog, cute story about the dishes but who wants to drink dish water residue? YUCK!!! Would love to have you follow me back at http://nonasnotes.blogspot.com
    Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  10. I had no idea about that! I have read something about soap making you a little sick though. Great blog...found you on Hop Along Tuesday;)
    Courtney~Mommy LaDy Club

  11. Hey! Love the blog! I am a new follower and very excited about the blog hops and reading your blog! My husband and I are in our first round of IVF and if everything goes as planned we will have a child we've longed for! Hope you follow along and I look forward to reading more of yours!


  12. Love your site and very proud of you for your religious beliefs! We have a lot of mormon friends and my husband is from Utah.
    momssharingspot.com found you from blog hop tuesday!

  13. Hi, from your newest follower/s from Karima at
    found you through Hop A Little
    I am from the UK and I used to drain my dishes without rinsing, however my husband who is not from the Uk was brought up with rinsing, so I am the one who gets moaned at when I forget to rinse, haha!

  14. I'm following from the "You Like Me Friday Blog Hop" and I'd love if you followed back as well!

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    I was literally laughing out loud when I read htis post. They don't rinse!!! That's so strange haha. I've never heard that before.


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