Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Most Important Information For Summer

Usually I keep my posts light and fluffy and a little on the funny side but today is a little different.

I was watching the Today Show this morning (maybe getting my daily Royal Wedding update, maybe not - don't tell the Englishman - he's getting fed up with it - doesn't know why it's such a big deal) and they aired a segment about a child drowning. Luckily, this child survived. Not everyone is as lucky. They gave some pretty good advice about preventing such a tragedy but they missed out on the key ingredient. I'm a little (i.e. A LOT) upset they didn't 1. give this segment the time it deserved and 2. include any information on Infant Swimming Resource.

So a little background - my very good friends lost their son in a drowning accident in August 2008. Evan was a bright, beautiful, not quite 2 year old boy.

Because it was all good information I will repeat what they did say:

Lock – make sure pool has four sided-fencing, a self closing self-latching gate and install a door alarm

Look – supervise your children around water at all times

Learn – enroll child in swimming lessons, learn cpr and know how to respond in water emergencies

Although they did say enroll child in swimming lessons, they skipped over it because they were running short on time. Enrolling your baby in swim lessons is paramount to saving their lives. But not just any lesson. Your baby (up to age 6) needs Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) lessons. These lessons will teach your little one to swim, float on their back, get to the edge of the pool, lake, whatever, and to make a lot of noise so someone can come get them. These are not so much swim lessons as much as survival lessons.

I watched, helpless, as my friends suffered this great loss. I am still witnessing the grief process. Please, don't allow yourself to go through this same loss. Seek out your local ISR instructor and speak to them about lessons and getting your baby protected.

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  1. I really like this post. Thank you for all the information on here.

  2. So sorry about your friend.

    I had my oldest ones in swim lessons at a very young age, back when we had a pool.

    I realized last summer that my then 4 year old had way too much confidence and it worried me that she THOUGHT she could swim...
    So she is now in swim lessons -- has one today in fact and I am enrolling the 18 month old too.


    (and thanks for stopping by)

  3. how sad for your friends a pool always has scared me because I do not know how to swim. Safety is a must thanks for sharing such a great post I am following your blog now please visit me at

  4. Cassie, Dave and I sincerely thank you for the kind words during this difficult time. Annie has touched so many people's lives. This post in paticular may someday save someone's life. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  5. Thank you for sharing!

    I am praying for everyone who has lost someone they love!

  6. It is always so heartbreaking to hear of drownings. In Arizona, we get a lot. Knowing how to swim is such a must, but supervising in or near the water can be even more important. I am actually a former swimmer, but even with my skills, I know that I can hit my head and drown. Even cleaning the pool, you could slip and fall somehow. My husband and I both have a rule to watch each other cleaning the pool.

  7. newest follower. Yes, I saw that post too and we had a neighbor whose grandchild died in the neighborhood pool. So, great info is always worth repeating! Found you on the blog hop, would love a follow back! I havent done a hop in awhile and I'm always amazed to find new blogs! thanks! laura


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