Thursday, October 28, 2010

October 28, 2010

Today I am grateful for ibuprofen!

Whatever ailes you, ibuprofen will target. I've been having some back pain and as much as I would love to lay in bed all day and not deal with it, I just can't. My parents recommended simple ibuprofen (and a shot of apple cider vinegar, which I did not partake, but that's a whole other post!!) and relief!


  1. Im so sorry to hear your back has been hurting you. But happy to hear your Ibuprofen helped! I have been sick for a month and have been so thankful for meds each time I take them.

    You got my ears perked about the post of apple cider vinegar. I wanna in on the secret of what it does for the back...?

    Happy you are feeling better.. for Heaven sakes it almost Halloween and Mom has to be feeling good!

  2. Amen Sister! Ibuprofen is my drug of choice for pain. Nothing else seems to work as well for me. Hope that whatever is causing your pain goes away soon.


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